Different Types Of Generators

Revised: June 23, 2011

There are various different types of generators that use different energy sources, like wind generators, electric generators, gas generators and solar generators. Generators come in all shapes and sizes and they all provide the same basic function of generating electricity.

But some types of generators are better suited to different areas and situations, like wind generators that can only be used in windy areas. Take a look at the different types of generators available on the market.

Wind Generators

With an ever increasing global move towards renewable and sustainable energy wind generators have become very popular with both large scale and household energy developments.

Wind energy is a very unstable source of energy as wind speed and duration will vary greatly. Wind generators are best used in coastal area or on hilltops where there is a better and more constant wind flow. For this reason careful consideration needs to be taken before deciding on implementing wind generators for your home.

However, areas that receive constant wind can benefit greatly from wind generators to supplement their power supply. Wind generators consists of a propeller that is attached to a tall tower, as the blade turns it charges a battery and stores the energy. The energy then has to run through a converter which converts it to a proper household voltage. Wind generators come in all different shapes and sizes and can even be mounted on your roof.

Solar Generators

Solar generators are the most common form of home generators, and in the right climate they can provide a constant flow of electricity, which means that you will never be left in the dark with power outages.

Solar generators are a great way to cut down on your electricity costs, as well as supplying you with a back up source of electricity during power outages. Solar generators are relatively inexpensive and can be attached to your roof, which means that you will never even know that it is there.

Solar generators operate on the same principle as wind generators, where it stores energy that is harnessed from the sun into a battery. A converter is then used to convert the energy into the proper household voltage.

Petrol And Diesel Generators

Petrol and diesel generators use conventional fossil fuels as an energy source to generate electricity. These types of generators also come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are capable of generating different power outputs.

Small petrol and diesel generators are great for home use and even camping. Petrol and diesel generators also work great in conjunction with solar or wind generators to supply your home with a constant and stable power supply.

These types of generators cost more to run that solar or wind generators, because they do not use renewable energy sources, and you will have to purchase fossil fuel in order to run them. But none the less they are a cost effective way to generate power and keep your appliances running during power outages.

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